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I had an interesting discussion with a group of students about climbing mountains recently. I have always been much more ‘look-and-admire’ as opposed to ‘climb-and-conquer’. It really got me thinking about those who love taking adventures and those of us who love taking journeys.

When I joined YWAM 20 years ago, I really didn’t have a career in missions in mind. I was just taking a leave of absence from teaching to pursue my own adventure with God.

20 years on, I look back over my time and realise my 6 month adventure has turned into the journey of a lifetime.

I guess I have always been a journey-er…I LOVE the process, the destination is just a very small part of the overall journey. Its not so much just making it to the end, it’s all about the random and unexpected along the way. That’s the adventure for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those adventure moments where you push yourself beyond the limits of your known capability and take the leaps of faith that always take you into the great unknown! But, truth be told, the idea of exploring out of the way places and meeting new people different to myself have always held far more appeal than the idea of taking a dive out of a perfectly good aircraft!!

However, I do know this life in missions takes all types…I have met adventurers who want nothing more than to be go where no-one else has gone before – the more difficult and remote the better!! And I have met amazing journeymen who have found themselves in the midst of a community…living and giving of themselves each day sharing their life and faith with others who may otherwise never know.

The other thing I have learned this past 20 years…its never too late to start!! So if you are looking for an adventure or wanting to chart a new course for your journey – it all starts with saying yes to God….and you just never where it will lead! Hopefully we might catch up along the way!

Join us for a journey of a lifetime

Joanne Blaik
Joanne Blaik
Joanne is passionate about teaching and empowering young people. Joanne is on staff at YWAM Townsville and is a regular lecturer on our training schools. Joanne’s teaching topics include identity, hearing God’s voice and leadership development.
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