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A daily trawl through social media should come complete with a personal pep talk at the end of it!

I know that sensationalism sell, but if I were to determine my worth by the state of the world and what the media says, I think I just wouldn’t bother getting out of bed in the morning.

My post here may just be more noise in the daily clutter of opinion, but, just in case you find this, let me tell you something that you may not read or hear anywhere else today….



and who you are IS ENOUGH.

The value of 1 can sometimes get lost in the translation in market research, but you are the only ‘YOU’ there is!

You are the only one who can allow others to dictate or determine your worth. So why let what you have faced in the past or the hurdles you are yet to encounter in the future decide your value?

While clichés abound and self-help books become best sellers, remember the irrefutable fact at the heart of it. You count.

People may not tell you and advertisers may disagree, but why bother trying to be a second rate version of yourself. Go ahead, take a chance, prove them all wrong, and be the very best ‘YOU’ you can be!

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Joanne Blaik
Joanne Blaik
Joanne is passionate about teaching and empowering young people. Joanne is on staff at YWAM Townsville and is a regular lecturer on our training schools. Joanne’s teaching topics include identity, hearing God’s voice and leadership development.
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